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who am i?
“When nothing’s for sure, everything can happen.”

My name is Łukasz Kamrowski, a self-educated front-end developer.

I am addicted to drinking a South-American Coffee while listening to music and creating new playlists on Spotify. One of them (in fact, my favourite) you can find below. It’s called “music for late night” and really, sounds better at night 😉


Since April of 2017, I’m an engineer in Engineering Management who proudly graduated from Gdansk University of Technology.

During my studies, I’ve learned building production systems and improving them.

I did my Erasmus at IPAM University (Lisbon), studying Marketing Management.


I create websites since 2011.

In the beginning, I was working with PyroCMS. Working with it let me learn PHP.

I created a few websites using it. Then I have used WordPress for the first time.

It was the moment when I realized how powerful WordPress is.


Since 2013 WordPress is my favorite CMS I’m using and from that time I’m trying to improve my skills in using it.


Types of websites I already did:

  • small business websites
  • e-commerce websites
  • personal blogs
  • personal and company portfolios
  • online shops

View a sample of personal work below — or you can email me for recent client-based work.



Besides creating websites I make:

  • vector graphics
  • logos
  • commercial materials
  • social media graphics



In 2015 I made a Google Sheets based production system. The system is still working and is used by 3 departments. It has 4 main modules:

  • Order records (information about every single order company has)
  • Production control (order priority, live order execution status)
  • Company revenue statistics
  • Order status on company’s website

I configure Google services:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • G Suite



Today’s world is full of threats, so I do everything to protect you and your company from:

  • ransomware attacks
  • data loss
  • extortion
  • website blackout

You can sleep well when I:

  • secure you from DDOS attacks
  • configure DNS
  • configure SSL certificates to your website (https://)
  • configure Apache server backups
  • manage WordPress automated backups
  • configure backups of your company files
  • configure Cloudflare for you website



1. First meeting

First contact is very important.
We discuss project range, technical apsects, pricing and deadlines.
We also set the way of communication during the project.

2. Designing

During the design phase, I make a project based on our findings. I make sure that it’s as close to our ideas as it’s possible.

3. Coding

When all is set – project from designing phase is approved and I received complete set of materials (texts, photos etc.) – I start to code.
That’s the moment when magic happens.

4. grand finale

I hope that you’re 100% satisfied and to make sure of it you always get two rounds of corrections for free.
After accepting the project we are ready to publish your brand new website! 🙂


When I do the job for you, the most important thing for me is your satisfaction after finish. I always try to make sure that working with me is a positive experience for you.

After few years of working I’ve learned that one of the most important things to do is to establish rules of cooperation.

I want to be as elastic as I can, but I always try to follow the plan you can see below.

Let's make something awesome together!



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