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Łukasz Kamrowski

I am a front-end developer with a set of skills allowing me to take ideas from concept - through prototype - to the final execution in production.

Who am I working for?

I am a freelancer and usually, I work directly for the clients. That’s an amazing way to challenge myself in creating solutions for every difficulty in my way.
I used to work in a small team and I enjoy each time it happens again. 🤟

What type of projects I am working on?

I create websites from just a simple idea to the final product. I am ready to create the code for graphics prototypes delivered by you.

How do I spend my free time?

I do my best to explore new music and artists each day. However, YouTube keeps recommending me Tadow. I don’t really mind that. If I don’t have “health problems” – I run. I try not to let my training interval go above 217 days. I did run a half-marathon once.
Besides sports, I keep myself updated on Space(X) related topics.